The Cory Monzingo Foundation has donated to two different Cancer Centers that are conducting research for DSRCT.

MD Anderson Cancer Center – Dr. Hayes-Jordan is conducting research to find treatments and a cure for DSRCT. The linked research results is a progress report on the research conducted in past years. The Cory Monzingo Foundation made a $50,000 donation in 2014 to further this research at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Hayes-Jordan was one of the doctors that treated Cory during his time at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

2015 Update – We made a donation of $80,000 to MD Anderson Cancer Center.


Link to Research Results


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) – MSKCC has an experimental treatment study for DSRCT being conducted by Dr. Modak, the study is currently in Phase 2 of testing.  The study has developed a more effective approach to using radiation and chemotherapy to target tumors. Dr. Modak had encouraging data from Phase 1 of testing.  The Cory Monzingo Foundation made a $15,000 donation in 2014 to support Phase 2 of this study.  Cory had surgery at MSKCC in 2009.




The second annual CORY MONZINGO FOUNDATION FUNDRAISER dinner & dance was a huge success. With your help we were able to raise our funding to support our donation at MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Thanks for your continued support.